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Studio-produced, visually documented DVD's and Videotapes!!!

Our site is the only website for the purchase of products by Ashra and Merira Kwesi. No other websites are authorized to do so. It is your support that helps finance our research to produce DVDs, CDs and lectures for our people. In the spirit of truth, justice and righteousness, please make your purchases directly from us, so we make continue the work for our people.

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The Temple of Amen     2 DVD Set
by Ashra Kwesi  3 hours

Ashra Kwesi reveals the ancient Temple of Amen as the source of the synagogue, church and mosque. The Kemetic Spiritual Mystery System as the origin of concepts from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Kheri Heb's (High Priest's) use of the Ibis bird, the baboon and the scarab beetle as symbols of nature (Mut Netchet) to express divine order, the Kemetic initiation of the neophyte  (student) into the Shesta (Spiritual Mystery System), and the Roman Byzantine Christians' cover up of the ancient Kemetic African spiritual stories are exposed, plus much, much more... Includes live lectures and scenes filmed in Egypt.



African Origin of Christianity  Pt. I  DVD
by Ashra Kwesi  2 hrs., 45 min.

Ashra Kwesi exposes the African origin of Christianity by means of his slide presentation lecture. He discusses Aset and Heru (Isis and Horus), the first Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth story, the early African Ethiopian churches carved out of solid rock, the Black Madonna and Jesus Christ worshipped in Europe, the desecration of ancient African symbols from the temples of Egypt, their incorporation into European Christianity and much, much more... Includes live lectures and scenes filmed in Egypt and Ethiopia.



Christianity, the Stolen Religion From Africa  Pt. II DVD
by Ashra Kwesi  2 hours

The spiritual enslavement of African people is described by means of this riveting slide presentation lecture. Ashra Kwesi provides revealing details on the spiritual enslavement of African people by the European white Jesus, the meaning of Christmas and other religious holidays, plus much, more... This visually documented account includes live lectures in Ghana at Elmina Castle, built for the enslavement of African people. (Continuation of Part I)



African History Vs. Biblical Myths Pt. I DVD
by Ashra Kwesi  2 hours

The African History Vs. Biblical Myths Pt. I slide presentation lecture exposes the origins of Old Testament stories including: the ancient Egyptian creation story that predates the Sanhedrin Jews' Genesis creation story in the Bible, the Adam and Eve story (a corruption of the African goddess concept from the temples of Egypt), ancient Egyptian cosmology in the Old Testament stories, the African history behind Abraham, Joseph and Moses, the true history of the Exodus stord's Chosen Children" concept and much, much, more...Live scenes and lectures filmed in Egypt and Ethiopia to validate the information presented.




African History Vs. Biblical Myths Pt. II DVD
by Ashra Kwesi  2 hours

Ashra Kwesi presents the African origin of biblical stories and concepts including: the Biblical story of the flooding of the Pharaoh's army, copied from Ramessu's (Ramses') temple reliefs, the incorporation of African peoples' spiritual laws of Maat in the 10 Commandments, Jesus, the African Hebrew who was murdered by the European Jews as a political offender, the Beta Israel Ethiopian Hebrews and many more... Live lectures and scenes are filmed on location in Egypt and Ethiopia to validate information presented in the lecture. (Continuation of Part I)



The Great Debate DVD
by Ashra Kwesi   2 hrs., 30 min.

This is the video of a lively debate on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Myth or Reality. It is an exciting exchange of ideas between Ashra Kwesi Vs. Pastor Colin Akridge, held at The Vision Theater in Los Angeles. 2 hours, 30 minutes.



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