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          African-Centered Lectures, Tours to Egypt and Ethiopia, DVDs and  CDs 
                                                     By Ashra and Merira Kwesi

                Based on 34 Years of Research, Travel  & Tour Experience in Egypt


Ashra Kwesi and Merira Kwesi are lecturers on African history, civilization, religion and culture. They 
present lively and dynamic slide presentation productions and videos based on their extensive study
and travel on the African continent.  Their startling and revealing information on the African origin of
many of the concepts and symbols now utilized by the western world is due to their focus on the ancient
African Nile Valley.

These national and international lecturers also conduct the Kemet Nu "Know Thyself" Educational
Tours to Egypt and Ethiopia. Brother and Sister Kwesi link the historical with the present in order to
bring "our story" to life.

Next Egypt Tour will be July, 2016. Anticipated dates - July 16 - 30, 2016.
Brochures and pricing will be available in October/November 2015.

For information on Egypt Tours click here 
 To download sample of 2015 brochure for Brothers and Sisters traveling from the U.S.A. Click here                                                       


Download sample brochure of 2015 for Brothers and Sisters who need land arrangements only. (Includes
those traveling from England, other parts of Europe or Africa and does not include travel from New York).
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Kemet Nu Ethiopia Tour - Next tour December 28, 2015 - Jan. 8, 2016 (12 Days)
                                           $3899 per person - double occupancy

For Information on the Ethiopia Tours, click here
To download 2015 Ethiopia brochure for those traveling from the U.S.  Click here                                                 


Download brochure for Brothers and Sisters who need land arrangements only. (This includes those
traveling from England, other parts of Europe or Africa and does not include travel from Washington, D.C.). Click here



DVDs and CDs

 Order DVDs and CDs (Click here) Order online - Studio-produced, visually documented DVDs and interview CDs

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Kemetic Lightswitch Covers

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Lectures (Click here)
Ashra and Merira Kwesi have lectured form many universities and organizations including:

bulletPan African Congress - London, Manchester and Birmingham, England
bulletNational Black United Front
bulletAfrican Holocaust Conference
bulletUnited African Movement,
bulletKhemit Konnections - Barbados
bulletPeople for Universal Consciousness - Bermuda
bulletG.O.D. Collective - Toronto, Canada
bulletU.S. Air force - Japan
bulletStrength to Strength - U.S. Virgin Islands
bulletBig 12 Black Student Conference
bulletAfrican American Student Leadership Conference - Rust College
bulletNABSE - National Alliance of Black School Educators
bulletThird Eye - Dallas, TX
bulletTuskegee University
bulletNorth Carolina A & T
bulletNorthwestern University
bulletUniversity of Nebraska
bulletUniversity of California Los Angeles
bulletStanford University and many more.....

Click to hear samples of  lectures


                       Ashra and Merira Kwesi speaking at Madame Walker Theater   

For lectures, DVDs, CDs or Egypt and Ethiopia tour brochures contact:

                                                                 Ashra or Merira Kwesi
                                                                 Kemet Nu Productions
                                                                      P.O.  Box 41005
                                                                  Dallas, TX 75241-0005
                                                  Tel: (214) 371-0206     Fax: (214) 371-0908
                                                         Email: kemetnu@sbcglobal.net


                                                          Kemet Nu Productions